Waterville, Maine

Colby College, DavisCONNECTS

DavisConnects creates a new globally-oriented career services and study-abroad center for College undergraduates, faculty, and alumni. A contemporary two-story expansion of a circa 1950 Georgian-revival building, originally a dormitory, is clad with a rain-screen envelope, high-performance glazing, and horizontal louvers to modulate south light.  

A career resources library, social commons, and multi-purpose classrooms and meeting rooms for seminars and training are located in the extension. The original building is reconfigured for counseling offices and interview and recruitment suites of rooms. A new terrace provides an additional campus gathering place and opens to a revitalized campus green. 

“One of Colby’s signature strengths is preparing students for lives of meaning and impact,” said Vice President for Student and College Advancement Daniel Lugo. “This new space [offers] multiple opportunities for student engagement with career counselors, recruiters, and mentors.”

Colby College
Project Size
Renovation | 8,600 GSF
New Construction | 4,300 GSF
Library, Office, Meeting, Classroom
“The activity in and around the building has increased with a greater appreciation of the inside and outside spaces, including the addition of a new sculpture in the native plants garden next to the outside patio.”
— C. Andrew McGadney, Vice President and Dean of Student Advancement

Our Process

Ann Beha Architects, now Annum Architects
Project Team
Steven Gerrard AIA, Thomas Hotaling AIA, Ann Beha FAIA, Ian Miller AIA, Amit Oza AIA, Stacey Woodworth, Erin Kline, Carl Damas, Emily Weiser (ABA/Annum); Becker Structural Engineers (Structural); Altieri Sebor Wieber (MEPFP); S.W. Cole Engineering (Geotechnical); Mohr & Seredin Landscape Architects (Landscape); Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting (Lighting); Arup (Code); Thornton Tomasetti (LEED); Wil-Spec (Specifications); Trent Bell (Photography)