Be part of Annum’s story: we actively recruit, nurture and support a team that is as varied and diverse as the projects on which we work.

Our Values

“As architects whose work seeks to balance heritage with contemporary life, we pledge to think critically about the history our work represents. As people, we will engage with one another in meaningful conversations about diversity to create pathways for mutual respect and understanding. With humility and compassion, our studio promises to listen, learn, and work toward true equality.”
Philip Chen
Principal and President
Equity, diversity and inclusion

Across our studio and in our work, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. Our studio members come from diverse backgrounds, enriching our culture and bringing valuable perspectives to our projects. In all our work, we are dedicated to partnering with minority- and women-owned businesses, as well creating opportunities for other disadvantaged business enterprises.

Annum is committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work, supporting education and preservation in neighborhoods through pro bono work in the Boston area. We participate in advocacy and leadership groups dedicated to creating a diverse group of designers and practitioners, and we offer support for both informal and formal exploration of current issues in design, identity, and diversity. In addition to serving on local preservation and design review boards, we organize volunteer opportunities for our studio, encouraging staff to donate their time to projects that have a meaningful impact on their neighborhoods. Whether supporting local food drives, providing construction labor on affordable housing projects, and offering planning and design services to local organizations or institutions, studio members follow their passions to invest in their neighbors and neighborhoods.

Annum is committed to being actively anti-racist, pro-women, and pro-LGTBQ+ by promoting a greater level of inclusivity across the firm. Our commitment to the principle of equal employment opportunity is reflected in our policies and practices, which support the recruitment, hiring, training, compensation, and promotion of every qualified individual without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, military service/veteran’s status, or genetics.

Annum condemns racial discrimination and the injustices that have persisted in our systems and communities for generations. We recognize our responsibility to advocate for a built environment that supports Black people through a practice that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion. We extend this fight for equity and justice to members of the LGBTQ+, Asian-American, and other minority communities, committing to the dismantling of systemic discrimination in the places we live and work.

Team Culture

Since our founding, we have worked to build and develop a practice that reflects the cities and communities in which we work, and which actively contributes to their wellbeing. The buildings that we work with are a part of our shared heritage and will play a role in our collective future. It makes sense to include as wide a range of views, experiences and inputs as possible to be considered during the planning and design processes.

We also think long term about our work—considering not just the history and relevance of a place, but the future it has ahead of it. We take this responsibility seriously and strive to work as sustainably as possible, so that a building’s life will be as long as possible, while improving the existence of the people and place surrounding it. We act responsibly, toward our staff, our communities, and the environment.


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