North Andover, Massachusetts

Brooks School
Center for the Arts

The siting of the School’s two-building Center for the Arts at the campus crossroads honors the prominent role that the fine arts and performing arts play in the day-to-day life of Brooks School.

The predominance of white clapboard buildings with steeply pitched roofs throughout the campus set the design context and scale for the massing and exterior materials of the two-level arts building.

An interior circulation spine – the Arts Street – connects all activities in both buildings, also hosting group pinups, impromptu performances, and inter-departmental programming. The west building accommodates teaching spaces for music and fine arts. The east building includes a film studio, a 380-seat proscenium teaching theater, as well as theater-support spaces and a black box used for drama rehearsals, yoga, and dance classes.

The Center’s building footprint afforded an opportunity to create an exterior courtyard and lawn with adjacent buildings, a campus destination for gathering, outdoor art projects, and tented events.

Brooks School
Completed 2019
Project Size
New Construction | 48,000 GSF
Fine Arts, Performing Arts
Boston Society of Architects, Educational Facilities Award
“We are astounded on a daily basis by the degree to which the design and feel of the building has transformed the center of our campus, extended our ability to be together as a community, and put us in touch with aspirations in music, theater, and visual art, previously out of reach.”
— John Packard, Head of Brooks School
The lower-level ceramics studio opens to the new courtyard, allowing for outdoor work and placing the production of arts at the forefront of campus life.

Our Process

Ann Beha Architects, now Annum Architects
Project Team
Thomas Hotaling AIA, Jason Bowers AIA, Stephen Scribner, AIA, Leland Berman AIA, Chin Chin Yao AIA (ABA/Annum); Odeh Engineers (Structural); Altieri (MEP); Whitman and Bingham (Civil); Nextstage Design (Theater Consultant); Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting (Lighting); Acentech (Acoustics ); Jensen Hughes (Code); A.T. Leonard and Associates (Landscape); Kalin Associates (Specifications); Consigli Construction Company (Construction Management); Jonathan Hillyer (Photography)