Kaley Denaro

Kaley Denaro (Kay) is a designer who joined Annum in September 2023 after completing her Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Florida. During her time at UF, Kay showcased her skills and passion for design by achieving notable success in two design competitions. Collaborating with designers and construction managers, her team placed first in the 2023 Solar Decathlon New Housing Division through a detailed study of carbon neutral housing for Tyonek, Alaska. Additionally, her collaboration with Martin Gold Architects earned 2nd place in the AIA 2022 Flint Michigan Municipal Redesign by introducing a Live-Work-Play community to the city.

Passionate about sustainable and inclusive design, Kay actively participates in advocacy groups within Annum. She recognizes the importance of expanding the scope of design to create spaces that are universally accessible.

Kay is particularly intrigued by the challenge of renovating historic buildings while incorporating modern needs. Her love for drawing and completing puzzles in her free time has honed her problem-solving skills, which she brings to Annum’s diverse range of projects. She is thrilled to be a recent New England transplant and is excited to contribute to the Annum team!